The most kawaii token on
Binance Smart Chain


What are we?

$VTUBE is a community focused around cute anime waifus and crypto currencies

We seek to bridge the gap between content creators and blockchain technology by offering innovative and essential TradFi devices on DeFi

State of the Art

VTUBE is crypto currency on asset on BSC that provides a real world usecase.
Our DApps are state of the art blockchain wonders that maximize usability and simplicity.
The Donation DApp opens up an untapped income source for all online content creators.
With minimal setup, creators can rapidly monetize their live streams with cryptocurrency donations from the world's most popular blockchains.


Meet our Partners

A demon who came to earth because she was accidentally summoned, likes it too much here to leave Solomon Academy Gen 0 Vtuber


Bullet Girl

A virtual demon girl here to make your day brighter than ever before! Always here to have fun and make friends with everyone! ♡ o(≧▽≦)o

Mitsumono Rin

Demon Girl

A English/Filipino Vtuber and a genie. I learned about the internet, got addicted to video games, and became a Vtuber to meet new friends.

Koizumi Hoshi


Akira, for short Kiki - a demon girl who likes to stream games and wants to share happiness with my dear beans~ !

Akira Kiki

Demon Girl

Likes machines, romance, and games. She also likes to play games and sing songs.

Torii Kaname

Cutest Mechanic

A cute little shark girl who loves drawing, pizza, playing games and neat songs.

Yamer Pro

Shark Girl

Our DApps

VTUBE ecosystem


NFT Farm VTube Token
  • Top-tier NFTs
  • New NFTs every fortnite
  • Helps provide liquidity/reduce circulating supply
  • LP Farm uses V2 LP Tokens


Donation VTube Token
  • Donate to VTubers directly
  • Multi-tier taxation system
  • Streamlabs Integration
  • Main Net Launch


wAIfu Projekt VTube Token
  • Gacha Roll Waifus
  • Neural Network Generated Art
  • Helps provide liquidity
  • On-chain Verifiable Randomness Oracle
We are partnered with the world's first open-sourced VTuber

Debuted with over 1.6k USD worth of BNB donations

Contact Us

We are always looking for new artists and VTubers to partner with.

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